Resilience Analysis

An organization’s resilience depends on its internal processes and on external factors, ranging from variations in supply and demand to changes in legislation. ​Limited visibility of external processes and risks requires organizations to be adoptable to external changes. Most organizations can only influence the political, social and technological paradigms​. A good, flexible plan and a good overview of external and internal risks will help organizations once disturbances or disruptions occur.

Policies with Change Indicators

Policies and strategic decisions cannot be changed often, however they do need to be change to remain advantageous. Policies made for change is only half the answer. The other half is change indicators that give directions on which policies to reconsider both if disruptions happens and if external parameters have drifted.

Our Resilience solutions​

  • Resilience analysis that systematically identify the risks within a value network starting from the value creation. The framework will have a systems perspective on the value network as a whole and the individual organization. KPIs for monitoring significant risks can be established.​
  • Framework for making resilient policies with change indicators. The framework provides a systematic approach to making new policies and strategic decisions and identifies indicators for when the policy or decision no longer is suitable given the external conditions or changes within the deciding organization