About us

YAGHMA is a powerful solution for unlocking and monitoring the ‘values (non-financial(commercial) values)’ critical to your business. YAGHMA value assessment matrix (VAM) scans and sifts your business sector data for financial and non-financial values and provide analytics tailor-made actions to your company profile that monitor the issues most critical for your business operations and innovation.

YAGHMA is answering ‘value by design’ challenges for our clients through innovation and robust strategic actions. YAGHMA helps your business to embed value with success (impact) into your innovation initiatives. Our VAM platform optimizes the capturing of values from your investments in innovation. YAGHMA helps high-growth companies to monitor their business innovation across six non-financial (commercial) value categories and create real value for their business, customers, and business partners.

  • Embedding values e.g. sustainability into your business processes

  • Articulate a sustainable strategy for your organization

  • Minimize risks or maximize benefits of existing practices by setting right targets

  • Ongoing value performance monitoring actions

  • Increasing brand value

To employ values in your business activities, to translate values into tangible attributes to design, and to assign a financial value to the environmental or social impact of your operations, YAGHMA identify your business values and potential risks, develop sustainable key performance indicators, design suitable actions, and monitor value performance.

We would be delighted to give you a personalised demonstration of YAGHMA tailored to your specific needs. please contact us and we will be in touch.