Ethics Auditing


Any project can be reviewed for its compliance with EU, national and internationally standardized ethics requirements. We recommend all projects undergo an ethics review!


During an ethics review, YAGHMA takes into account your compliance with national, EU, and international standardized ethical requirements. Once we have evaluated your project on these points, we will offer you an opportunity to reassess and come back to us for a second review. This iteration process ensure that no stone is left unturned and that your project can implement ethical values where it may not have done so before.

We will also look at your in-house policies, among others, concerning 1) API Integration, 2) cookies and privacy policies, 3) security protocols, 4) health and safety, and 5) personal data management. We will also make sure to ensure your project is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Ideally, after you’ve conceptualized your project and performed a business case, a first round of ethics review may be necessary. This ensures that the infrastructure of your project can be easily adjusted in the case that ethical issues arise.


Undergoing an ethical review is about helping your company, organization or project to think about potential or existing ethical issues. Such a review encourages you to consider impacts you may have on your stakeholders and to engage with their interests. Committing yourself to an ethics review also shows your stakeholders that you are concerned with their wellbeing. It:

  • Shows your participants that you are a responsible project

  • Shows your project participants and stakeholders that you value integrity

  • Prevents violations of ethics later in the project timeline

  • Provides a clear point of reference when enforcing corrective measures

  • Provides you an opportunity to reflect on the projects (ethical) impacts