Science Communication

What we believe in

Creativity for Social Good

We believe that creativity can change society. We believe that changing the questions we face as society will bring the answers we need as society.

We believe that a group of people can come together and create a new narrative of how the world is and how the world should be. We think that social innovation is key to social progress. We believe that technology should be egalitarian, benefit everybody, and the door to a new way of living that will be fairer, better. We believe in the power of imagination to visualize things differently, change frameworks, reach more people, tell different stories, get people to act and make the world a little bit better.

What we do

Creativity for Social Good

We are a digital creative agency working on social good. We use data visualization, infography and maps to tell compelling stories.

We work on scientific and social issues to generate awareness and understanding through visual narratives, storytelling, data or gamification. We develop communication and educational digital products for global organizations working on science, social or politics.

We use creativity and innovation to explain and communicate our most pressing issues as a society.

We work on scientific issues like climate change, the need to keep our rivers free, how to create conservation policies based on the natural capital of a country, why we need to fight pollution in cities, how to prevent mental illnesses, how to make a good use of antibiotics or the need for vaccines.

We work on social issues like the transition to green energy, why our decisions are always biased, and how to live in harmony with nature.