Develop sustainable key performance indicators


Developing growth, efficiency, and engagement are key to developing relevant and sustainable key performance indicators (KPI’s) for your company. This includes understanding risks and indicators related to enterprise resources, customer relationships, product lifecycle, supplier relationship, and supply chain. To ensure these indicators and risks:

  • Translate ESG values into design requirements through KPIs
  • Enable target setting for your company
  • Connect the sustainable business case to existing KPIs of your team

Our Services:

We make sure to develop sustainable tailor-made indicators for your company to measure and monitor your progress against different values, risks, and impacts. We also provide your business with a description of follow-up activities to tackle to ensure we can successfully coach you. These include identified KPI’s and timeframes for each KPI’s completion. Our process:

  • Defines performance indicators and targets
  • Sets KPIs and Assigns responsibilities
  • Sets tailor made backward-looking indicators (Revenue – Margin – Incidents)
  • Sets tailor made forward-looking indicators (Customer success – Employee engagement – Diversity rates, e.g., women in management – Brand value)
  • Includes a KPI dashboard