Design suitable actions


ESG values are drivers for the long-term success of your business. A sustainable strategy to address and implement different types of values for your company is needed. Such strategy helps your company to deal with value conflicts, reduce risk, enhance your brand value, reduce cost, attract the best talent, create competitive advantage, tap into new markets, and launch new business models. You probably know that responsible, sustainable designs deliver more value, but can you quantify just how much and for whom?

  • Sustainable value analyses

Our Services:

Much of what needs to be done to improve business practices relies on a sustainable design approach where products and services are designed in line with the principles of social, economic, and environmental sustainability. We develop a sustainable design approach for your company to institutionalize the values, culture, and high standards. We also design suitable actions from both a sustainability and commercial point of view. This will help you recognize and better manage risk, improve efficiency, revenue potential, growth and other opportunities. YAGHMA can help you:

  • Develop a strategy to embed values into the design of your working practice
  • Embed values into the core business
  • Build the business case for values e.g. sustainability
  • Design for compliance
  • Design for environment